Sweet Kisses

Lots of love to you!

Meet Sweet Kisses’ sweetheart thieves

The Sweet Kisses brand

Sweet Kisses primroses are an ideal treat for those who can use some extra atmosphere at home. With their warm, cheerful hues, these plants provide a lot of fun. With a favourite for everyone, the plants of Sweet Kisses are real sweethearts that continue to seduce you. Sweet Kisses is available from mid-September to mid-April. Just then when the need for colour and heat is perhaps the greatest. Lot’s of love to you!

A favourite for everyone

The Sweet Kisses’ assortment consists of the Amore and the Romantica. Two plants that differ in colour but are equally atmospheric and are associated with a lot of warmth and cheerfulness. Together they make sure that you can enjoy Sweet Kisses for a very long time in the year.

Growers’ association Touch Me+

The driving force behind Sweet Kisses is Touch Me +, a growers’ association of eight affiliated growers who, through chain cooperation, are committed to the quality of these cheerful seasonal bloomers. With independent inspections, the primroses are tested for, among others, durability and flowering, so that you are assured of a product that stays beautiful for a longer time. Touch Me + consists of the following growers:

  • Ammerlaan – Sosef, grower Dolce, availability: week 48 t/m 17
    T: +31 (0) 174 641 644
    E: verkoop@ammerlaan-sosef.nl
  • Berkhout Plants, grower Amore, availability: week 1 t/m 6
    T: +31 (0) 653 161 591
    E: verkoop@berkhoutplants.com
  • Gevers Planten, grower Amore, availability: week 52 t/m 11
    T: +31 (0) 493 470 521
    E: sales@geversplanten.nl
  • Loos Plants, grower Amore, availability: week 40 t/m 14
    T: +31 (0) 713 315 357
    E: stefan@loosplants.nl
  • OK Plant, grower Amore, availability: week 50 t/m 7
    T: +31 (0) 174 513 127
    E: sales@okplant.nl
  • Sjaak Buijs BV, grower Amore, availability: week 1 t/m 12
    T: +31 (0) 174 521 155
    E: verkoop@sjaakbuijs.nl
  • SV.CO, grower Amore, availability: week 1 t/m 9
    T: +31 (0) 174 515 448
    E: verkoop@svco.nl

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