The atmospheric impulse purchase for your stores

Focus on impulse and consumer satisfaction

Why Sweet Kisses?

Sweet Kisses is an attractive part of your assortment for several reasons. We are committed to minimizing risks and maximizing the number of sales by focusing on impulse purchases, turnover rate and shelf performance.


Maximum impulse

The plants of Sweet Kisses are real eye catchers. Thanks to their colourful appearance and attractive packaging, they immediately attract the attention of your customers. Sweet Kisses comes standard in a nicely designed sleeve, but can also be taken in a beautiful smart cup, which ensures the best shelf presentation. Furthermore, it is possible to offer Sweet Kisses with a personal giveaway: a stylish Sweet Kisses bracelet that gives your customers an extra reason to purchase Sweet Kisses. To maximize the number of impulse purchases, we can offer a very attractive shelf concept, where we look at the best possible presentation for each store.

High turnover rate

Impulse purchases are not only created by the attractive appearance and presentation, but also by the advantageous sales price. Your customers pay a small amount for a lot of atmosphere and cosiness, which they can enjoy for a long time. This attractive price-quality ratio, in combination with the special presentation, ensures a very high turnover rate, which results in quick yields.

* GROWER: excluding logistics and price stickers. Breeding loaded. * TRADE: excluding logistics and payment term. No rights can be derived from this example. This example indicates the possibilities.

Shelf efficiency

Sweet Kisses has an above average (shelf) life compared to other room plants. This is partly due to the packaging of Sweet Kisses. Thanks to its sleeve, the plants have a longer shelf life than plants with water reservoirs or leaf evaporation inhibitor. In combination with the high turnover rate, this longer shelf life results in considerably less risk of dying and higher shelf-yield per m2 of retail space.

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