Home Sweet Home

Extra atmosphere and cosiness at home

Communication towards the consumer

The special presentation and distinctive product advantages of Sweet Kisses are supported by a marketing concept that is entirely based on consumer trends.


Sweet Kisses’ got it all!

The availability of Sweet Kisses takes place to a large extent during the winter months, in which the consumer is looking for ways to make it cosy at home. In Sweet Kisses’ communication, this desire is strongly anticipated. With the concept ‘Home Sweet Home’ Sweet Kisses is linked to domesticity and positioned as an ideal decoration for the home. This proposition is fulfilled by the long shelf life, which ensures that the consumer enjoys colour and cosiness throughout the winter.

– More than four weeks fun at home
– Flowery during the dark days
– Affordable for everyone


To give Sweet Kisses even more customer attention, you have the opportunity to support the shelf presentation with various POS material, such as ceiling hangers, Euro trolleys and Danish trolleys. The POS material has an attractive design, completely in line with the abovementioned marketing concept.


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