Sweet Kisses within the chain

The atmospheric impulse purchase with good yield

Why Sweet Kisses?

Sweet Kisses is committed to minimizing risks and maximizing sales. During the product development, all promising buying motives for retail were taken into account by focusing on promoting impulse buying, increasing turnover speed and maximizing shelf efficiency. Resulting in an attractive product with a good yield.

Important buying motives for retail


  • Long shelf life
    Sweet Kisses differs from other plants because of its long shelf life in the chain. Independent research proves that Sweet Kisses has a longer shelf life than most comparable indoor plants, which means that both you and your customers have a limit risk of loss.
  • Large-scale actions
    Especially for large-scale promotions it is possible to supply Sweet Kisses in larger parties. Contact person Anne Marie Kuyvenhoven is able to bundle larger numbers of several growers.
  • Just in time delivery
    A quick delivery to the auction is realised five days a week. All growers are based around the auctions (Naaldwijk, Aalsmeer and Herongen) and have their own transport options.
  • Small Quantities
    It is possible to deliver Sweet Kisses in smaller quantities than the standard delivery. By offering Sweet Kisses as one package, a unit of 6 plants can be delivered to small-scale retailers.

High turnover rate

Impulse purchases are not only created by the attractive appearance and presentation, but also by the advantageous sales price. Your customers pay a small amount for a lot of atmosphere and cosiness, which they can enjoy for a long time. This attractive price-quality ratio, in combination with the special presentation, ensures a very high turnover rate, which results in quick yields.

* GROWER: excluding logistics and price stickers. Breeding loaded.
* TRADE: excluding logistics and payment term. No rights can be derived from this example. This example indicates the possibilities.

Shelf efficiency

Sweet Kisses has an above average (shelf) life compared to other room plants. This is partly due to the packaging of Sweet Kisses. Thanks to its sleeve, the plants have a longer shelf life than plants with water reservoirs or leaf evaporation inhibitor. In combination with the high turnover rate, this longer shelf life results in considerably less risk of dying and higher shelf-yield per m2 of retail space.

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