Blooming flowers in happy colors

About Sweet Kisses

The blooming flowers of Sweet Kisses bring color, even during the cold winter months. With a wide range, attractive appearance, and affordable prices, Sweet Kisses are a great addition for everyone. Moreover, the shelf life of Sweet Kisses, with a flowering guarantee of more than 30 days, contributes to reducing waste, both in stores and at home. Scroll further for more information about Sweet Kisses and Primuse, a novelty from the Sweet Kisses growers.

Sweet Kisses

Blooming flowers in various colors, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant bright colors. Even during the cold winter months. Sweet Kisses are available in pot sizes varying from 9 cm to 14 cm. There’s a favorite for everyone.

Independent research shows that Sweet Kisses last longer than most comparable indoor plants. With a flowering guarantee of at least 30 days, they are a fantastic addition to your range from November to mid-April.

The advantages:

  • Wide range: various types, colors, and pot sizes available.
  • Maximum purchase impulse: these plants immediately attract attention.
  • High yield: affordable prices ensure a high turnover rate.
  • 30 days flowering guarantee: longer shelf life minimizes waste.

Availability Sweet Kisses and Primuse

Sweet Kisses
9 cm
Sweet Kisses
10,5 cm
Sweet Kisses
12 cm
Sweet Kisses
13 cm
Sweet Kisses
14 cm
12 cm
Ammerlaan - Sosefwk 47 -14wk 51 - 14wk 50 - 13
Berkhout Plantswk 54 - 05
Gevers Plantenwk 52 - 11wk 04 - 07
Grootscholtenwk 06 - 10wk 08 - 10
Loos Plantswk 40 - 12
SV.COwk 51 - 09


“A novelty from the Sweet Kisses growers”

Meet Primuse, a novelty from the Sweet Kisses growers. Primuse is a stylish year round plant, both indoors and outdoors. With its elegant, bright green flowers, it adds sophistication all over. On the terrace or patio during summer, and indoors during the winter.

Primuse is available in a 12 cm pot size and offers a guarantee of at least 30 days of flowering. One month of flowering pleasure thanks to Primuse!


>30 days flowering guarantee

The long-lasting shelf life of our Sweet Kisses (>30 days flowering guarantee) leads to less waste, both in stores and at home. This plant is also a low energy input crop, which is beneficial for our planet.

Did you know you can give Sweet Kisses a second chance? Plant them in the garden when they have finished blooming. They can bloom again in about two months.

Lower impact

Our Sweet Kisses growers strive for a lower impact and more sustainable use of resources. Not everything can be done at once, but it can be done step by step. Several growers have solar panels, are connected to geothermal energy, participate in trials for peat-free potting soil, reuse materials as much as possible, and use biological crop protection to keep our plants healthy.

Our Growers

Growers Association Sweet Kisses+

The growers of Sweet Kisses+ join forces to ensure the quality of the plants with blooming flowers. They are passionately committed within this collaboration for high-quality products. The following growers are part of growers association Sweet Kisses+:

Jeffrey Ammerlaan en Gertjan Sosef
T +31 (0) 174 641 644


Myron Dijkhuizen
T +31 (0) 653 161 591

Alex Gevers
T +31 (0) 493 470 521


Stefan Loos
T +31 (0) 713 315 357

Nick Voskamp
T +31 (0) 174 515 448


John Grootscholten
T +31 (0) 174 440560